The AT8PE68 series is a family of low-cost, high speed, high noise immunity, EPROM/ROM-based 8-bit CMOS microcontrollers. It employs a RISC architecture with only 49 instructions. All instructions are single cycle except for program branches which take two cycles. The easy to use and easy to remember instruction set reduces development time significantly.

‧ Only 49 instructions
‧ 4K x 13 bits on chip EPROM/ROM
‧ All ROM/EPROM area GOTO/FGOTO instruction
‧ All ROM/EPROM area subroutine CALL/FCALL instruction
‧ Totally 272 x 8 bits on chip general purpose registers (SRAM):
    - 144 bytes general purpose register
    - 128 bytes on-chip data RAM
‧ 8-level deep hardware stack
‧ Direct, indirect addressing modes for data accessing
‧ 8-bit real time clock/counter (Timer0) with 8-bit programmable prescaler
‧ Four sets of 8-bit auto reload counter/timer can be used as IROUT/PWM generator or interrupt sources
    - Counter 1: independent counter
    - Counter 2, High Pulse Width Timer, and Low Pulse Width Timer shared with IR function
‧ One IROUT/PWM generator
‧ LCD driver with 4(common) x 32(segment) pixels; 1/3, 1/2 bias and 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 duty selection
‧ 3 channels of 15-bit resolution Resistor to Frequency Converter (RFC) output
‧ Internal Power-on Reset (POR)
‧ Built-in Low Voltage Detector (LVD) for Brown-out Reset (BOR)
‧ Power-up Reset Timer (PWRT) and Oscillator Start-up Timer(OST)
‧ On chip Watchdog Timer (WDT) with internal oscillator and soft-ware watch-dog enable/disable control
‧ Four I/O ports PORTA, PORTB, PORTC and PORTD with independent direction control.
‧ Two output only ports POTRE and PORTF.
‧ Soft-ware I/O pull-high/pull-down or open-drain control.
‧ Seven internal interrupt source:
        Timer0, Counter1, Counter2, High-pulse width timer, Low-pulse width timer, RFC and Fs divider.
  Three external interrupt source:
        INT0 pin, INT1 pin and Port B / Port D input status change.
‧ Wake-up from SLEEP/IDLE by Port B/Port D input change.
‧ Operation modes:
    - Normal mode : CPU operate on high frequency main-oscillator
    - Green mode : CPU operate on low frequency sub-oscillator
    - Idle mode : CPU idle, LCD display remains working
    - Sleep mode : whole chip stop working
‧ Dual clock Operation: main-oscillator and sub-oscillator
‧ Selectable main-oscillator options:
    - ERIC: External Resistor/Internal Capacitor Oscillator
    - XT: Crystal/Resonator Oscillator
    - HF: High Frequency Crystal/Resonator Oscillator
    - PLL: Phase lock loop
‧ Selectable sub-oscillator options:
    - ERIC: External Resistor/Internal Capacitor Oscillator
    - LF: Low Frequency Crystal Oscillator
‧ Wide-operating voltage range:
    - OTP : 2.3V to 5.5V