8Bit MCU

The AT8PE5x/B5xB series have OTP MCU and Mask MCU, it is complete and toke on competitive in price, it main application Home appliance、 control fields、 Charger、 PC peripheries、 TV game、 RF ID、 Toy and gift.
The ROM range: 0.5~4K
The RAM range: 49~144 bytes
I/O pin: 6~38 pins and build wake-up function
One watchdog timer
Low voltage reset function (LVR)
Build IRC mode
Operation voltage: 2.2V~5.5V

The new MCU-AT8A5xA/B having the following features

    . Compatible AT8PE5x/B5xB
    . Dual CLK
    . Having IR/PWM/Buzzer Function
    . IO Output Current is Large

For more models and information, please refer to download 8Bit MCU


Power IC

FP6291/FP6298/FP6280/FP5202/FP5209/FP5139 - Current mode boost DC-DC converter

   Adjustable Output up to 12V (Max)
   Internal Fixed PWM frequency: 1.0MHz
   Precision Feedback Reference Voltage: 0.6V (2%)
   Internal Power MOSFET
   Shutdown Current: 0.1A
   Over Temperature Protection

   LCD Displays
   Digital Cameras
   Handheld Devices
   Portable Products


FP8102 - 1A Linear Li-Ion Battery Charger

Standalone Linear Charger for Single Cell Li-ion Batteries
No External MOSFET, Sense Resistor, or Blocking Diode Required
Up to 1A Programmable Charge Current
Preset Charge Voltage with 1% Accuracy
Automatic Recharge
2.9V Trickle Charge Voltage
C/10 Charge Termination
55uA Standby Supply Current
Charge Status Indicators for No Battery and Charge Failure Display
Soft-Start to Limit Inrush Current
Thermal Protection

Portable Information Appliances
Charging Docks & Cradles
Cellular Phones & PDAs
Handheld Computers