AT8PE32F是内嵌EEPROM 128 bytes 2k X 14bit FLASH 程序内存,16bit timer,一个模拟比较器模块,一个红外线通道输出,4MHz内部rc震荡,更多详细功能请下载规格书。另外,配套开发工具包括仿真器和烧录器及相应软件均已对客户开放。

‧Only 41 single word instructions
‧ All instructions are single cycle except for program branches which are two-cycle
‧ 14-bit wide instructions
‧ All ROM area GOTO instruction
‧ All ROM area subroutine CALL instruction
‧ 8-bit wide data path
‧ 8-level deep hardware stack
‧ 2K x 14 bits on chip FLASH program memory
‧ 128 bytes on chip general purpose registers (SRAM)
‧ 256 bytes on chip EEPROM data memory
‧ Operating speed: DC-20 MHz clock input
DC-100 ns instruction cycle
‧ Direct, indirect addressing modes for data accessing
‧ 8-bit real time clock/counter (Timer0) with 8-bit programmable prescaler
‧ 16-bit timer/counter (Timer1) with 3-bit programmable prescaler and optional external enable input (T1GB)
‧ 8-bit r timer/counter (Timer2) with 2-bit programmable prescaler and 4-bit programmable postscaler
‧ Capture / Compare / PWM modules
‧ 12 I/O pins with independent direction control
‧ Soft-ware I/O pull-high control
‧ 2 analog comparator module
‧ 1 IR output channel with programmable frequency and duty cycle
‧ Internal Power-on Reset (POR)
‧ Built-in Low Voltage Detector (LVD) for Brown-out Reset (BOR)
‧ Power-up Reset Timer (PWRT) and Oscillator Start-up Timer(OST)
‧ On chip Watchdog Timer (WDT) with internal oscillator for reliable operation and soft-ware watch-dog
enable/disable control
‧ 11 interrupt source: INT pin, Timer0 overflow, Port A input status change, Comparator1, Comparator2, Timer1
overflow, Timer2 match, Oscillator fail, Capture/Compare/PWM, EEPROM write finish, and IROUT counter
‧ Wake-up from SLEEP by INT pin or Port A input change
‧ Ultra low-power wake-up
‧ Power saving SLEEP mode
‧ Built-in 8MHz (HFIRC) / 31KHz (LFIRC) internal RC oscillator
‧ Programmable Code Protection
‧ Selectable oscillator options:
- ERC: External Resistor/Capacitor Oscillator
- HF: High Frequency Crystal/Resonator Oscillator
- XT: Crystal/Resonator Oscillator
- LF: Low Frequency Crystal Oscillator
- IRC: Internal Resistor/Capacitor Oscillator
- ERIC: External Resistor/Internal Capacitor Oscillator
- EC: External Clock Input
‧ Two speed start-up mode
‧ Clock mode switching during operation for power saving
‧ Oscillator fail detect for critical applications
‧ Wide-operating voltage range: 2.3V to 5.5V